Machu Picchus Sacred Sisters: Choquequirao & Llactapata--shows how Inca monumental sites were carefully planned and designed in accordance with astronomical alignments, and were precisely placed in relationship to sacred rivers, mountains, and celestial phenomena. It includes stories and notes from expedition journals, which are interspersed with soundly researched and referenced facts, data, and qualified interpretation. The result is a book that conveys the excitement and adventure of extreme archaeology in the cloud-forested Andes. It also includes Trekking Routes, Field Notes, and Exploring Guide to Choquequirao.

Colleague reviews

During the first half of my thirty years bashing about in the peaks and jungles of Vilcabamba, I crossed trails with quite a bunch of interesting characters, but somehow missed one of the most intrepid of all, my now friend and fellow explorer, Gary Ziegler. We were following parallel paths, it seemed, finding and recording long forgotten ruins that finally brought us together.

Gary’s many expeditions have produced a string of important papers and monographs, but his great new book, Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sisters: Choquequirao and Llactapata, exposing the newly revealed wonders of Choquequirao, “the other Machu Picchu,” is a long-overdue contribution to the literature of the Inca. It belongs in the collection of anyone, expert, amateur or armchair adventurer with a serious interest in the subject.

Vince Lee, Author “ Forgotten Vilcabamba

This book, Machu Picchu’s Sacred Sisters, Choquequirao and Llactapata, is the right book at the right time and by the right people... The book is about more than these two fascinating sites. It gives a lively look at a rugged, spectacular, and highly important – but little-known - part of the Inca empire.

John Hemming - Former Director Royal Geographical Society, author of "The Conquest of the Incas"

"Machu Picchu's Sacred Sisters is one of the best studies to come out about the Machu Picchu region in years. Congratulations on doing such a meticulous study, and for the photos and plans that are a tremendous help to the reader, besides being of academic importance."

Johan Reinhard - Explorer in Residence at National Geographic, author of "Machu Picchu: Exploring an Ancient Sacred Center".

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