Discovering Inca Peru
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Discovering Inca Peru
Discovering Inca Peru

From our forty years of operation in Cusco, Machu Picchu and remote Peru, we have developed carefully designed, unusually adventurous, educational vacations offering the best of Inca Peru for the active, discriminating traveler. Our programs feature comfortable safari style camps, near gourmet meals and world class leaders. We are the founders of adventure travel in Peru having developed the first programs and trained local staff beginning in 1970.
RRReports of our research expeditions
BBC London:
It was announced today that an Anglo-American team, supported by The Royal Geographical Society, has found an important Inca ruin lost in the Peruvian cloud-forest not far from Machu Picchu.

Cota Coca
BBC World News: The Royal Geographical Society
announced that a major new Inca site has been discovered in Peru by an
Adventure Specialists expedition.

The discovery of the site, called Cota Coca, comes just months after the National Geographic Society announced the discovery of another ‘lost city’ by a team sponsored by Adventure Specialists. The leaders of the expedition, American archaeologist Gary Ziegler and British writer/explorer Hugh Thomson, led a team of guest participants and muleteers into the Peruvian Vilcabamba beyond Machu Picchu.


Just below the Equator lies a place of mystery and romance, raging glacier fed rivers roar through deep canyons slicing the igneous spine of the Andes, towering ice peaks hover like sentinels over mist shrouded jungles. Lost Civilizations and Forgotten Cities Beckon the Adventurous

MACHU PICCHU! The famous lost city of the Inca is one of the most magical and mysterious places on Earth. Situated on the spine of a jungle cloaked granite peak towering some 2,000 ft. above an entrenched meander of the roaring river below, the site is frequently shrouded in misty clouds pierced through by the powerful equatorial sun. Constructed from precisely sculptured granite blocks carefully joined with the projecting exposed stone of the surrounding mountain,the site may well be the finest architectural achievement of the new world.

Most programs include a visit to Machu Picchu with shopping and rest time in Cusco. Inns and lodges are chosen for comfort and convenience. Camps are comfortable safari style offering near gourmet trail dinning. Hiking treks are supported by pack animals and also riding horses to allow for the choice to ride. We own and train our horses near Cusco.

Gary Ziegler, Adventure Specialists' founder has a far-flung history which includes numerous archaeological expeditions into remote Peru and Mexico, work with The Royal Geographical Society, National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, BBC, museums and universities

Gary Ziegler

Gary has been organizing and leading expeditions and groups in Peru since 1970. His accomplishments include the first ascent of seven peaks over 18,000 ft. and the discovery of new archaeological sites. On a lighter side, He led the first group to bicycle to Machu Picchu in 1982.

He leads horse pack trips and guided climbs from his Bear Basin Ranch in Colorado during summer months and exploratory treks into Mexico's Copper Canyon during the winter.

Gary, author/film maker and explorer, Hugh Thomson,Peruvian Inca specialist, Edwin Duenas and other recognized specialists lead our Inca research expeditions and scientifically orientated adventure programs

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	"One of the 25 Greatest Adventure Trips in the World"
Discovering Inca Peru

Join the 2016 Andean research expedition with Gary Ziegler

Contact us for details- $2985

The Classic Inca Trail ride: Deluxe Inn to Inn horseback journey to Machu Picchu

Andean Research Expeditions: The Discovery of Llactapata, Machu Picchu's Observatory with Gary Ziegler

Sacred Valley Explorer- One day archaeological horse trip from Cusco
Machu Picchu's Sacred Sister Trek- Choquequirao, Inca ceremonial center

Two day horse trek to an Inca royal estate, Huchey Q }osqo from Cusco

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Two day horse trip to an Inca royal estate, Huchuy Qusco, from Cusco.


of the Sun

Ancient traditions and close family ties keep Andean communities living in harmony with Earth Mother, Pachamama, sacred rivers, mountains and cosmos.

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