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Manu Amazon Reserve by Canoe and Foot ...
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Wildlife and Birding Adventures by dugout canoe in Peru's undisturbed Amazonian rain forest reserve, Manu Park led by naturalist trained guides. Comfortable rustic lodges and safari style riverside camps year around. Also hiking and Horseback Treks to Machu Picchu, Archaeological Expeditions and Inca study vacationsDiscovering Inca Peru

Manu Expeditions Direct link to complete details, itineraries, dates. costs and our Cusco office. Call or E-mail us at our US office for credit card reservations and services.

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Machu Picchu Pony Express and the Manu Amazon Express

Machu Picchu Treks and Inca Research Expeditions


Manu Biosphere Reserve is an immense area of undisturbed Amazonian rain forest located some 150 miles northeast of Cusco. A bird watchers paradise, no other area on earth contains so many birds.

Leaving rushing streams and montane forest of the Andes behind, the visitor to Manu soon discovers flat humid tropical forest ...the legionary Amazon Basin. Containing a great variety of high to low altitude eco zones, forests grasslands, lakes and micro-habitats, Manu is home to more than 900 varieties of birds and diverse neo-tropical wildlife.

The Manu River, a meandering, slow flowing watercourse with pristine white sand beaches, forms high banks at favored spots where Macaws, Parrots and smaller birds congregate to eat mineralized clay essential to digestion. The spectacle of hundreds of Macaws, the worlds largest Parrot screaming and wheeling overhead is surely one of the worlds great wildlife shows.


Managed by British born ornithologist, Barry Walker and Cusco native, Rosario Velarde, Manu Expeditions has been leading rain forest expeditions longer than any other company . We have been outfitting rain forest expeditions for museums, universities, research groups and private parties since 1983.

Barry, recognized as a world authority on Neo-tropical birds, has dedicated the past 15 years to the study and identification of rare birds in Peru.

In association with American archaeologist, Gary Ziegler, he has developed a strong interest and knowledge in Peru's past. A veteran of many exploratory expeditions, Barry leads several of Adventure Specialists' Andean research expeditions each year.

Manu Expeditions is dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and protection of endangered species. As owners of the Manu Wildlife Center, we support and help fund ongoing research projects.


The Manu Expeditions guides and staff are a highly skilled crew of professionals with vast practical experience. They are logistical wizards who insure trips go smoothly and guests are expertly attended to. Our trip leaders are trained naturalists, biologists, ornithologists and expert wilderness guides. Our cooks, drivers, wranglers and boatmen are simply the best available.


Located in pristine rainforest, our comfortable lodge facility with hot showers and private cabins is located close to active mammal and macaw mineral licks. The surrounding forests and lakes have the greatest bio-diversity in the area. Since opening in May 1996, the lodges wildlife sightings include more than 500 birds and many hard-to-see mammals such as goeldi's monkey and monk saki. Research is always underway. On-site scientists are frequently available to share their discoveries.


Direct link to complete details, itineraries, dates. costs and our Cusco office. Call or E-mail us at our US office for credit card reseverations and services.

E-mail: US Phone 719 783-2076

Traveling by motorized canoe and foot, we explore one of the earth's last great tropical wetlands. This remarkable Amazonian reserve teams with birds and unique wildlife in undisturbed and largely unexplored lowland mountains accessible only by rivers. We offer an assortment of carefully designed programs from 3 to 9 days from nearby Cusco. Our programs please serious birders as well as the casual traveler who seeks authentic discovery away from the standard Amazon tour. All of our Manu trips include: Round trip transportation from Cusco. All meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on the last day...Lodging and camps

Each of the Manu trips can be taken as an extension of one of our treks, horse trips or archaeological expeditions. We will be happy to help with flights, hotels, transfers, guides etc. to get you to and from Cusco or around Peru. We also specialize in custom designed programs for two or more. Gather a group of friends or family and give us a call.

See Peru below for our Machu Picchu horse treks and Inca research expeditions

Children of the Sun

Ancient traditions and close family ties keep Andean communities living in harmony with Earth Mother, Pachamama, sacred rivers, mountains and cosmos.

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