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Machu Picchu's Sacred Sisters - a Magical Journey on Horseback and foot to a Mountain Inca Royal Estate, Choquequirao - "The other Machu Picchu"

Beyond Machu Picchu lies a remote, wild region of cold high uplands and hot tropical valleys known as the Vilcabamba. The is a steep mountainous region of extreme relief that served as a jungle border province and later, last refuge for the Inca resisting the Spanish colonization of Peru.

Following the stone paved remnants of Inca roads, over high mist shroud passes,down, then up again, we finally arrive at one of the most magical and mysterious places on Earth, the lost city of Choquequirao, ceremonial twin sister to Machu Picchu.

In the year 1536, three years after the fall of the Inca empire to Spanish adventurers, Manco Inca, son of the last great ruler Huayna Capac, led a rebellion against the Conquistadors. Retreating from a failed siege of Cusco, Manco and his followers established court in this remote region.The Inca built a network of roads and trails connecting outposts, settlements, shrines and ceremonial centers which Gary Ziegler and several Inca specialist colleagues have been locating and researching for many years..
We offer this program as a unique adventure trek experience with pack mules, saddle horses, comfortable camps and Inca specialist guide. The focus is on Inca study and archaeological investigations as we travel.

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