Classic Inca Trail Ride (Inn to Inn) 4 Days

"Ride only" $1500, Deluxe package, 9 Days $2800

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A Deluxe Inn to Inn Journey on Horseback...
No camping

width="480" height="70" colspan="2" align="left" xpos="272" content valign="top" csheight="48">The Classic Inca Trail Trek

A deluxe multi-day horseback trip following ancient Inca and colonial pathways through Peru's Sacred Valley including a narrated visit to Machu Picchu; We stay each night in a different comfortable Inn or hotel. The focus is learning as much as possible about Andean culture, traditions, history of the Incas and their ancestors while enjoying an unusual, memorable mountain excursion on quality horses and tack

Following an ancient Inca trail to explore remote ruins at Pumahuanca
Lunch stop at the Lost Cathedral high on the plains above the Sacred Valley
We raise and train horses at our Cusco Ranch. Our mountain-trained horses are calm, experienced and sure-footed for a secure comfortable, ride on steep pathways
Archaeologist Gary Ziegler explains Inca construction and sacred geography at an Inca Royal Estate
Ready to ride...after breakfast at the Hacienda Marcobamba
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