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Huchuy Cusco Trek - hike or ride - shorter, action filled journey
offered while visiting nearby Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

British archaeologist Ann Kendall identifies this interesting mountain archaeological complex as a royal estate and probable retirement refuge of Viracocha Inca before or during the early reign of the great Inca Pachacuti. She has identified earlier use by a transitional Inca culture called Killke making it a very old Andean site

The roughly square kilometer site is located pleasantly at about 3600 meters of altitude on a high bench overlooking the Sacred Valley. A spectacular backdrop of jagged summits forms the horizon. There are two distinct sectors or groups each with a different alignment. A stone-lined, well constructed trail arrives from the direction of Chinchero. A second and perhaps primary access passes through the remains of a tall double-jamb entranceway onto the main plaza from the South.


We offer this  shorter exploratory adventure as a pack horse supported trek or the opportunity to ride our comfortable, calm Andean saddle horses.  Walk or ride as you may choose.  We lodge with a local Quechua family overnight. Meals are prepared by Pancho, our own near- gourmet trail chef