Deer scatter out of our way as we clatter over a stony ridge once hunted by Ute warriors and crossed perhaps, by Coronado and his band of Spanish explorers in quest of golden cities. There...below us in the flats of Boneyard Park, reminiscent of a Remington painting, we find the cows munching contented on native bunch grass, unsuspecting that their work day has just begun.

Later, the morning drive completed, ponies watered and resting, the cow herd milling apprehensively about in the corrals.... we pull our hats down tight, throw down a last cup of bitter cowboy coffee and head into the arena to learn and practice the refinements of cow cutting.

Heel behind the cinch, (girth to you easterners) rein to the left, turning quick and hard to counter an escaping steer, we drive the reluctant cows into their holding pens. Later, we form into three rider teams to try out our new skills against the clock.

The day goes all too quickly! Sunday follows with more hands on experience as we gain confidence in our abilities and admiration for these quick, capable horses. The afternoon cattle drive out to the range completes the adventure.

Nightfall finds us back in the bright lights of the city wondering if all of this really happened or...was it really just a dream of an old John Wayne Movie?

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A Weekend of Classic Cowboying in the Colorado High Country carefully designed to fill a weekend on horseback with action packed fun, learning and western adventure at our 1880s Colorado ranch.

The Classic Cowboy Weekend
Cattle Drive, Range Ride, Roundup, Cow Camp, Team Cow Sorting ,Ranch rodeo and Cowboy Action

Bear Basin Ranch

Learn the cowboy art of herding and corralling range cattle... the excitement of moving and sorting cows with a well trained, no nonsense, working cow horse.

Live the adventure! Action is the name of the game! Try your hand at throwing a rope. Ride the high range. Share old trail stories and coyboy ballads around the campfire...

 Designed for the vacationer with limited time or those who just want to sample the experience, we have packed a short visit with all of the details arranged for a carefree western weekend escape.

Throw your bed roll on a comfortable bunk in your own canvas tent at our cow camp where the camp cook whips up near gourmet meals (sorry, no beans and hotdogs). Relax around the campfire in the evening with amiable companions and traditional cowboy beverages as the coyotes howl on the hill side.

What is included: Families Welcome!

Comfortable cabin tent with hot showers for Friday and Saturday nights. Meals from Dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday. Horses, cows and tack. Great ranch scenery and colorful, careful cowboy instuctor wanglers.

Can I do this? Anyone with a bit of basic horse experience can learn and enjoy the weekend. We recommend that participants have some riding experience and are comfortable around horses. But you do not need to be an experienced rider. However, our program allows for diversity to accommodate and challenge the advanced rider as well. Our hope is to advance your riding skills through fun activities.

Old west facilities. Colorful skilled wrangler/instructors. Lots of fun!

3 Days Rated Easy $ 475 Weekends June-September Transportation from Colorado Springs by Arrangement. Add on the Monday 3 or 5 day wilderness pack trip for a complete western vacation.

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